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We are admirably engaged to manufacture and supply the first rate quality of the industrial shrink discs in India and also largely known as the gigantic Shrink Disc Supplier in India. The resulting zero-backlash mechanical interference fit will accommodate high torque, thrust; bending and distinct other rising technologies will never wear or strike out, even for high cycle fluctuating or reversing loads. These elements offer tremendously concentric and proportionate associations, superlative for swift applications. This disc is fittingly examined by our quality checkers to eliminate any kind of flow. Our esteemed consumers can acquire this shrink disc at a comfortable price ranges within the stipulated time frame.Shrink Discs are used in shaft connections where the torque is to be transmitted through the connection between the two shafts. The way in which the shaft disc is connected is also very important in the working and efficiency of the disc. They are made from excellen t quality materials to provide long lasting functionality and efficiency.

The shrink discs are preferred to pass on the elevated quantity of torque exclusive of the condition of the keys. We are well known and prime Shrink Disc Manufacturer that are corrosion resistant and repercussion free. We are widely known to varied industries of Gujarat and also known as the sincere Shrink Disc Gujarat. They are made in such a way that they nearby high reliability in working and wants less maintenance for a longer durability.

Also Available in
- SFN 4071 - SFN 8015 [ HSD 22 ]


  • Accurately designed
  • Sturdy in nature
  • Easy process to fit this disc
  • Made with the excellent quality of the materials
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Requires less maintenance
  • Removable even in very aggressive environments
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