Locking Assembly Suppplier In Ahmedabad

We are the well developed forms of the Locking Assembly Manufacturer in India. We are also supplying and exporting our famed products in a wide basis. Locking assemblies are supplied ready for installation. However, if for some reason they have to be disassembled, make sure that in addition to lined-up slits in all collars, near and far-side clamp collars are not reversed. Concentricity depends on the centering guide between shaft & hub, its length & tolerance. No displacement of hub. Low installation time. Locking Assemblies meet both the advantage of the forced fit system and simplified installation-removal. It is based on the wedge principle: the axial load of the screws generates through the tapers a high radial force that locks the parts by friction.

Our Locking Assembly is designed in such a way as to reduce the projections, edges and recesses of assemblies to a minimum. This is why we are famous as the best Locking Assembly Supplier in India. They are used as assemblies in industrial equipment such as machine tools.

Also Available in
SFN 7013.0 7013.1 SFN 6500 4500
SFN 7015.0 SFN 1015.0
SFN 7015.1 SFN 1015.1
SFN 7012


  • Perfect finish
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Precisely designed
  • Most demanding product in the market
  • Reasonable prices
  • Unbreakable locking